Frequently asked questions about our products.

What platforms are you products available for?

We develop custom sound libraries for the following samplers:


The free Kontakt Player Engine

Steven Slate Trigger 2


Logic Sampler


How do I use these sounds?

WAV files may be dragged directly into your DAW or sampler of choice.

Trigger 2 files should be put into a folder and placed inside of your Trigger 2 database folder.

Kontakt (full) libraries can simply have instrument patches dragged into the sampler.

Kontakt Player (Rich Redmond pack) is installed with a serial number via Native Access.

Ableton loops are found within the Ableton Live session files if included.

Logic Pro Sampler files can be dragged into the session, you just need to set the output ch.

My Kontakt libraries tell me audio files are missing or asking me to search for the location of samples.

99.9% of the time this is caused by moving the library after it has been installed through Native Access. Perform a Batch Resave
in order to tell Kontakt where the samples are located. This will only
have to be done once, unless you move your libraries in the future​.

My download keeps failing, what should I do?

Generally this only happens with Windows users using non-64 bit unarchiving utilities. We recommend the free 7zip​ to allow for Windows to unarchive files larger than 4GB.

Are these products refundable?

Our apparel items are refundable, minus shipping and processing costs.

Due to the nature of our sound libraries being completely digital, once they are transferred there is no way for us to take them back. We don't offer refunds for this reason, but we are looking for a solution with future developments.

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